DIY Local Search Marketing

DIY Local Search Marketing is a website that assists small businesses with their online marketing efforts!  Every small business that’s interested in gaining more local online marketing exposure should be familiar their visibility ratings for Google, Google Plus, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many more local directories today! As you can see, we are in the process of creating this website from the ground up and hope you enjoy the many changes to come. Although this site is under construction, we are working diligently to provide visitors with content and just recently we have started the groundwork on an e-publishing campaign.  Our motto is to provide content that focuses on KISS (Keep It Short & Simple) and the first book “SEO For Local Small Businesses” is roughly 14 pages of tips and treats.

Our DIY Local Search Marketing site stresses on the need for small business owners to either follow or update the marketing summary of their business plan.  Every business is interested in gaining more targeted traffic online, because it increases the possibility of list building and potential sales.  Before implementing your online marketing strategy, it’s suggested that the website be analyze for on-page seo (search engine optimization), off-page, and website analytics.  Your business needs help in leveling the playing field by understanding the importance of how your company is ranked locally online for Google, Google Plus, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Review Sites, Competitors Citations, Social Media, and the rankings of the website’s top 5 keywords (note: If your site is not search engine optimized, you will know by the keywords retrieved). Local search marketing seems to be an area which many local small businesses do not understand and it’s one of the main factors for why some companies are not able to survive in their competitive industries.

Why Use DIY Local Search?

Brisco Associates Web Marketing is not interested in attempting to convince a small business owner to use our services or the importance of having local search techniques embeded into a website, that’s a decision which must be made on yourself only.  If your business does not need to be found online for additional marketing exposure, then diy localsearchenginemarketingthis website may not be for you. If your business is not interested in being found locally online within your community and being seen as an expert within your industry, then maybe you can share this site with one of your business friends who understand the importance of marketing exposure.  If you are the horse being led to the water, we can not force you to drink it, so you may want to continue on your desert journey.   If your business does not have a marketing budget set aside to help brand your product or services, then this site will not provide much assistance and there is a possibility your business will be teetering on survival mode.

However, if you have a small medium sized business with a brick and mortar location, then our information about gaining more local marketing exposure online can be helpful.  This DIY Local Search Marketing website is not a one resource fix all your local problems tool, but it can help in your journey to gain additional marketing exposure on the local internet. Large businesses understand the concept of Local Search Marketing and not only have established budgets, but they also have internal search engine optimization staff who’s primary duties are to help gain more exposure online for the company.

Many small businesses are being left behind because they don’t understand how local search marketing benefits their business. It’s hard for a small business to see results of online marketing if that business is not tracking their marketing efforts and constantly modifying their program to target the right demographics for their products or services offered.

Local Search Marketing – One Piece of Pie

Realize that to market products or services, without using some type of metrics to determine the ROI is a wasted effort; this is another reason why we created the DIY Local Search Marketing site (it’s informative for the small business owner). Anything which requires time and investment to be completed, should have some type of Web Analysis which can help track the results of one’s efforts.  Additionally, there should also be some attention given to modifying a website for geo-targeting purposes (such as local search engine optimization), this helps differentiate a local business from an national or regional company. Unique content is what helps fuel the spread of a business’s marketing exposure, the more content created, the higher the success rate of being found within your local industry.

Well, as we said, this site is under construction, but we wanted to add some initial content for viewers who found this DIY Local Search Marketing site online without us actively marketing it.